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Why Should You Start Your Business Setup In Dubai Mainland?

There are various reasons to consider when making decisions for your business. Finding the best fit for your specific needs is essential in setting up a company in Dubai Mainland, as the location can offer several benefits. For example, if you have an advertising company, having a Mainland office provides convenient accessibility for your clients, making it easier for them to reach you. For legal assisting organisations, Dubai Mainland location also offers an advantage for clients that are concerned about privacy. These are some examples highlighting the advantages of setting up your business in Dubai Mainland.

How To Setup Your Business In Dubai Mainland?

The process to setup your business in Dubai Mainland involves a few simple steps. The first step involves identifying the exact business setup you intend to establish. You can also have the 100% ownership of the company in the Dubai Mainland. This will help in choosing the most suitable company structure for your business. Your choices include setting up as a sole establishment, a legally limited partnership, a legally limited company, or a private limited company depending on the type of industry you wish to start such as tourism, industrial, commercial and agricultural. After which registering your company name by applying through the emirate’s department of economic development is necessary. The last few steps include getting initial approval, preparing legal documents and choosing a location in the Dubai Mainland for your office space. Lastly you need to pay the fees and collect the license to start your business.

Need the Help of a Professional Company Setup Specialist?

At Vista Corporate Group, we specialise in helping you setup new businesses in Dubai. Managing from company registration in the UAE to business licence in Dubai, we handle the process to make it easier for you. Our services cater to a wide range of professionals aiming to establish businesses in Dubai, including those in consulting, legal services, engineering consultancy, advertising, and more. Our dedicated team includes expert consultants and skilled professionals handling various documentation such as applying for visas, office spaces, certifications and legal professionals who ensure everything comply with regulations. Additionally, our expert auditors handle the necessary annual audits which are mandatory for Dubai Mainland businesses. We're here to guide you through the right setup for your business in Dubai Mainland.

Benefits of Business Setup In Dubai Mainland

UAE Freezone Company Formation
Top-notch infrastructure for all business needs
UAE Freezone Company Formation
Operate locally and internationally simultaneously
UAE Freezone Company Formation
Efficient access to diverse business support services
UAE Freezone Company Formation
Flexibility to scale up or down as required
UAE Freezone Company Formation
Major banks and audit services for growth
UAE Freezone Company Formation
Easy business operations with global events
UAE Freezone Company Formation
Stable business environment and regulations
UAE Freezone Company Formation
Choose your office location freely
UAE Freezone Company Formation
Location flexibility and zero trade restrictions

Trading goods internationally

Offering products or services for sale

Investors engaged in business within the Freezone.

Do you need a Sole Proprietorship?

The UAE has modern laws that make it easy for both small and big investors to start a business. A Sole Proprietorship in the UAE is a legal business owned and run by a single person with a trade license in their name.
The owner is responsible for everything, including financial obligations. If a business setup in Dubai Mainland offers professional services and doesn't engage in commercial activities, it doesn't need to follow the Commercial Companies Law, but it still requires a license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). We can assist you in setting up a Sole Proprietorship in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.

A civil partnership firm in the UAE is ideal for conducting professional or service-related business setup in Dubai Mainland . It's also known as a professional company and is governed by UAE's Civil Code and local regulations, like Local Order No. 63 of 1991 (replaced by Law No. 13 of 2011 in Dubai). A civil partnership in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE is formed by two or more individuals. In this business setup in Dubai Mainland, partners share joint responsibility for any losses or debts unless the Civil Partnership Agreement states otherwise. To establish a civil partnership in Dubai, a Civil Partnership Agreement must be signed before a Dubai Court Notary Public.

Creating a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Dubai is a simple process. Essentially. An LLC is a business with a maximum of 50 shareholders that both residents and foreigners can business setup in Dubai Mainland , UAE. It's the easiest and most favoured choice for starting a new company in the UAE. Knowing the fundamental steps for setting up an LLC in Dubai will make the process easier and faster.

A branch office of a foreign company can be fully owned by its parent company, and it doesn't have its own separate legal identity like the parent company. Therefore, the branch office usually has a name similar, if not the same, as its parent company. This branch serves as an extension of the parent company, located outside the UAE, and it must have a trade license for its activities in the UAE. As the parent company is the owner of the branch, it is necessary to officially register the branch office using the same name. The primary goal of a foreign company's branch office is to advertise the products and services of its parent company. Contact us for more information.

According to the UAE Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 on Commercial Companies, foreign businesses, even if entirely owned by individuals who are not UAE nationals, can establish a Representative Office in the United Arab Emirates. A Representative Office typically serves as a regional administrative hub or offers support for the parent company's products and services in the local market. However, it is not allowed to engage in importing products or conducting trade. Apart from the mentioned restrictions, a representative office cannot access credit facilities. However, it is permitted to maintain a bank account to cover its local expenses.

Introduction To Trading License In Dubai

In Dubai, getting a trade license is the first step to starting a business. It's essential to follow the country's rules when setting up a company in Dubai. Business owners can make this process easier by hiring business setup consultants. Dubai offers different types of licenses, and entrepreneurs should choose one that matches their business activities. The most common choice is the trade license, which allows business owners to specify their activities. The Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) issues trade licenses. To get one, you need to describe your business activities, choose a trade name, draft the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA), and then apply to the DED for approval.

The Dubai Department of Economic Development, DED Trading License In Dubai, UAE

Acquiring the appropriate business license is important, and it should align with your intended business industry. If you require support in obtaining a DED Trading License in Dubai, we're here to help. Some of the different types of Trade License in Dubai are as follows

Tourism License

A Tourism License is a must for businesses in the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, tour operators, and more. It's issued by Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), and we can assist in getting all the paperwork and approvals you need from the relevant government agencies.

There Are Four Kinds Of Tourism Licenses

Inbound Tourism License: With this license, you can organize tours in Dubai for both tourists and business travellers. You’re also required to have insurance for everyone’s safety.

Outbound Tourism License: This license allows you to organize trips outside of Dubai, like taking tourists to places like Fujairah and Khor Fakkan. You have the same privileges as an Inbound Tourism License holder.

Tour Guide License: If you want to work as a tour guide in the UAE, you must get this license. It requires you to have in-depth knowledge of the UAE’s tourist destinations, history, and culture. You’ll need to pass an exam to obtain this license, which is valid for one year and must be renewed annually with a refresher course.

Travel Agency License: This type of license gives you the same privileges as an Outbound Tourism License, but it also allows you to sell airline or international cruise tickets and provide visa support. You’ll need a No Objection Certificate from the Department of Civil Aviation and insurance is still required.

Craftsmanship License

A Craftsmanship License is given to people who work as craftsmen. A craftsman is someone who independently practices a craft to make money. They rely on their physical skills or special tools and equipment for their work.

Agriculture License

An Agriculture License is for people who work in agriculture. If you want to own or run farms with animals or fisheries, you need to get an Agriculture License before you can start your business. You must also get permission from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries first. Depending on the size of your farm and the activities you plan to do, you may need more approvals from the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Health. The requisite permissions from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries must be obtained prior to applying for an Agriculture License. Additional approvals from the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Health too may be required, depending on the size of the farm and the activities proposed to be undertaken by it.

What is a Freezone, Offshore, and Dubai Mainland License?

In Dubai, the type of trade license you need depends on where you want to do business. There are three options: Dubai Mainland, offshore, and free zone. A Dubai Mainland trade license lets you do business anywhere in Dubai, but you need approval from government authorities. The Department of Economic Development (DED) issues these licenses for Dubai Mainland companies.

If you're in a specific free zone, the Dubai free zone authority gives you a trade license. Each type of license has its own advantages and restrictions. If you want to start an offshore company, you'll need an offshore incorporation certificate.

How To Get A Trade License in Dubai

Getting a DED license in Dubai is made simple by our business setup consultants. Just follow these steps:

  • Pick a business name that follows UAE naming rules.
  • Decide the legal structure, showing how the business operates and its responsibilities.
  • Fill out the application and send it to the DED for their first review.
  • Some businesses need extra approvals from the government.
  • Choose if your business will be in a free zone or the mainland.
  • Give all the needed papers and the completed application form.
  • Pay the license fee and the issuance fee to get your license.
What Are The Requirements For A Dubai E-Trader License?

An E-trading license is for trading on social media. If you want to do business through social platforms, you need this license. The DED is the agency that gives the license, and it’s also called a trader or DED trader license. To get one:

  • You must be 21 or older.
  • You must be from the GCC or live in the UAE.
  • Sign up on the DED website.
  • Have an Emirates ID to prove you’re from the GCC or the UAE. If you’re a GCC citizen, you can use a passport copy instead.
What Are The Benefits Of An E-Trader License In Dubai?

The e-trader license has several advantages:

  • It lets UAE residents and GCC citizens use social media for business.
  • It’s flexible and allows verified profiles to showcase products and services easily.
  • Customers feel more confident when shopping online.
  • It’s convenient for buyers.
  • Start-up businesses benefit by not needing a physical shop.
  • It contributes to Dubai’s economy.

When you invest in Sharjah through Vista Corporation LLC, you can count on a dependable partner to assist you in navigating the complexities of establishing a company in Sharjah. With its strategic perks, business-friendly rules, and numerous advantages, Sharjah emerges as an appealing place for ambitious entrepreneurs and investors aiming for success and prosperity in the UAE and abroad. Seize the opportunities that Sharjah presents – embark on your path to success now.

Where Should I Setup My Business In Dubai Mainland?

The United Arab Emirates is made up of seven Emirates, and each emirate has its own set of rules. The formation of companies in Abu Dhabi is governed by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, and in Dubai, it is overseen by the Dubai Department of Economic Development. We, at Vista Corporate Group can offer guidance on selecting the most suitable location for your Dubai Mainland business setup and for other locations across the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Mainland businesses can locate anywhere in the area as the business activities are not location constrained. Although, the preferred locations to start a business in Dubai Mainland are Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, Deira, Jumeirah, Al Qusais and Al Quoz. Nevertheless, it's important to note that your business can operate throughout the entire United Arab Emirates, regardless of your physical office location.

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UAE Mainland Company Type

Sole Proprietorship
Civil Company
Limited Liability Company
Branch Office
Representative Office

Advantages Of Setting Up A Company In Dubai Mainland

Setting up your company in the UAE Dubai Mainland brings numerous benefits. These include

Get The Advantage Of A Free Consultation

At Vista Corporate Group, we have extensive experience assisting both new entrepreneurs and global corporations in establishing businesses in Dubai Mainland. Some business structures like a legally limited company have specific limitations and cannot engage in financial or investment activities. Our Dubai Mainland company setup consultation can ensure that you have all the necessary information for your company setup.

We can assist you in determining the most suitable business structure for your Dubai Mainland business, whether it's a sole establishment, a legally limited partnership, a legally limited company, or a civil company. Feel free to reach out to us, and we'll help you find the best business setup consultant for your business needs.

Feel free to reach out to us, and we'll help you find the best local Business Setup Consultant for your business needs.

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You can get in touch with us to arrange a consultation for setting up your Dubai Mainland company. A member of our welcoming team of business setup consultants will be there to guide you.

Company Formation in Dubai Mainland

Let’s discover the opportunities for business setup in Dubai Mainland, Dubai

Established Connections

Business setup in Dubai Mainland is at the heart of worldwide connections – perfect to start your business.

Excellent Locations

Gain entry to prime locations in Dubai for your business. Connect seamlessly with diverse markets and people.

Regional and Global Access

With a business setup in Dubai Mainland, Dubai your company effortlessly links to local UAE markets and the global business community.

Financial Freedom

Unlike free zones, business setup in Dubai Mainland face no financial restrictions on their operations.

Simplified Government Engagement

Bid farewell to complex procedures. Dubai's Mainland business setup provides straightforward regulations and direct government interaction.

The DHA (Dubai Health Authority) license is a necessary permit for healthcare practitioners in Dubai and the UAE, provided by the DHA. It is compulsory for healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and allied health practitioners, who are practising in the region. The application procedure requires meeting educational, professional, and language proficiency criteria and passing a qualifying exam. Renewal of the DHA license at regular intervals is essential to maintain its validity.

The KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) license is a necessary certification for educators in Dubai who intend to work in private schools and educational establishments. This permit is granted by the KHDA and is compulsory for teachers, principals, and administrators. The application process encompasses fulfilling specific educational and professional criteria, along with successfully completing a qualifying exam. To keep the KHDA license in force, it must be renewed at regular intervals.

The RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) license is an essential professional certification for individuals seeking employment as drivers of taxis, buses, or other commercial vehicles in Dubai and the wider UAE. This license, issued by the RTA, is compulsory for all public transport vehicle drivers. The application procedure requires fulfilling specific age, health, and language proficiency conditions, as well as successfully completing a qualifying exam. To retain its validity, the RTA license must be periodically renewed.

The Ministry of Economy license is a formal authorization provided by the UAE government, permitting both individuals and businesses to engage in commercial operations within the nation. The issuance of this license is overseen by the Department of Economic Development (DED) and is compulsory for a wide range of commercial activities, encompassing trade, manufacturing, and service-oriented enterprises. Possessing the Ministry of Economy license is a fundamental requirement for conducting business in the UAE, and it is subject to a multitude of governmental regulations and stipulations.

The Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) oversees the regulation of the security sector in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). SIRA is tasked with granting licenses to security firms, consultants, and practitioners offering security services in the UAE. Additionally, the Dubai Police plays a part in regulating the security industry and may demand that companies and individuals secure a SIRA license as a prerequisite for obtaining a Dubai Police license. It is compulsory for all security companies and professionals operating in Dubai to hold a SIRA license.

Global Business Setup

Steps To Business Setup In Dubai Mainland

We are among the best business setup consultants in Dubai. At Vista Corporate Group, we specialize in guiding you through the process of setting up a new business in the thriving business setup of Dubai Mainland. With years of experience and a dedicated team of experts, we ensure that your journey towards establishing a successful business setup in Dubai Mainland is seamless and efficient. Dubai Mainland setup provides a strategic position and a strong business environment, making it a favourable option for entrepreneurs and businesses of various industries. Our all-inclusive offerings provide company registration, licensing, office establishment, and more, empowering you to confidently navigate the difficulty of setting up your business. Forming a new business setup in Dubai Mainland involves a systematic process with interconnected steps and we at Vista Corporate Group are here to help you. Dubai Mainland setup provides a strategic position and a strong business environment, making it a favourable option for entrepreneurs and businesses of various industries.

Select Business Activity

Finalizing the right company structure is a critical step for the formation of a new company. Vista Corporate Group as a business setup consultant in Dubai Mainland simplifies this process by offering expert guidance and tailored solutions. Our team assists you in selecting the most suitable company structure based on your needs and future goals. Whether it's a limited liability company (LLC), sole proprietorship, or another option, we ensure your choice aligns with your business objectives. With Vista Corporate Group, you can confidently navigate the complexities of structuring your business for a prosperous future in Dubai. With Vista Corporate Group, you can confidently navigate the complexities of structuring your business for a prosperous future in Dubai, the different company structures include:

Finalise Company Structure

The most common route to business setup in Dubai Mainland is limited liability company (LLC), but there are other options too.

Our lawyers and professional management consultants undertake feasibility studies, due diligence, and corporate structuring/restructuring to help you set up the ideal company on UAE’s Dubai Mainland:

Register Trade Name For Your Dubai Mainland Business

Registering a trading name for your business setup in Dubai Mainland is a crucial step in establishing a unique brand identity. It ensures legal recognition and protection for your business name. Licensed trade names are listed on the UAE Ministry of Economy's Unified Commercial Registration System and the National Economic Register. Vista Corporate Group simplifies the trade name registration process, guiding you through the required steps and legal formalities. Our expertise in this area helps you secure your brand's identity, setting you on the path to a successful business journey in Dubai.

You can check the availability of trade names on the websites of the Department of Economic Development (DED) in every emirate except Fujairah, where it is listed on Fujairah Municipality’s Rukhsati app. Licenced trade names can also be found on the UAE Ministry of Economy Unified Commercial Registration System, and the National Economic Register.

Alternatively, you can shortlist trade names that reflect the nature of your business, and our team will check its availability and secure its registration. When approved, the trade name will be followed by the acronym of your legal structure, ex: LLC, PLC or PJSC.

Get Required Approvals For Your Dubai Mainland License

Obtaining the necessary approvals for your Dubai Mainland license is a key step for business setup in Dubai Mainland. It ensures your operations comply with local regulations. Vista Corporate Group helps with this process, guiding you through the required paperwork and interactions with government authorities. Our expertise simplifies the often complex approval procedures, enabling you to secure your Dubai Mainland license efficiently. With us, you can embark on your business journey in Dubai with confidence.

Confirm Workspace

Choosing the right workspace is a crucial decision in Dubai Mainland setup, and our experienced real estate agents are here to guide you.
They'll help you to explore various workspace options, including virtual offices and leased offices, also includes fully owned offices, office buildings, workshops, and warehouses, ensuring you find the ideal space for your specific needs. Our experts simplify the process, ensuring you benefit from the perfect workspace to kickstart your Business setup in Dubai Mainland.

Abide with labour rules

If managing the visa process seems complicated, our immigration teams will do it for you. They'll take care of important tasks such as setting up a government file, getting your establishment card, and applying for the necessary employment and residence visas for your staff and family. This includes verifying, translating, and authenticating documents, so you don't have to worry about it.

Open bank account

Opening a corporate bank account for your Dubai Mainland business setup is an important part of a Dubai Mainland license registration. Vista Corporate Group expert guidance simplifies the process, helping you choose the right bank and guiding you through the required paperwork. With a Dubai Mainland business bank account, you have a secure and convenient way to handle your business's financial operations, making your setup smoother and more efficient.

Professional support for Business setup in Dubai Mainland

For a simplified Dubai Mainland company formation, seeking professional assistance is important, and Vista Corporate Group stands out as the premier choice for business setup consultants in Dubai. Our expert team ensures that every step of the process is executed with precision and in compliance with local regulations. Vista Corporation's commitment to excellence, extensive experience, and comprehensive support have made us a trusted partner for numerous businesses. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a start-up, or a large corporation, our personalised solutions and guidance ensure that your business setup in Dubai Mainland is a success. Rely on us for unmatched expertise and personalized support to navigate through complexities of the Dubai Mainland business landscape.

Our expert company setup consultants in Dubai are always available to answer your queries.

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Perks of Dubai Mainland Company Formation in UAE

UAE Freezone Company Formation
Ideal place for international trading, legally exempt from corporate tax
UAE Freezone Company Formation
Exempt from annual accounting and other tax obligations
UAE Freezone Company Formation
Full repatriation of funds and allows multi-currency transactions
UAE Freezone Company Formation
Maintain confidentiality in the business dealings
UAE Freezone Company Formation
Shareholders or directors not required to register their details and name for public record
UAE Freezone Company Formation
Easy to setup corporate bank account in UAE
UAE Freezone Company Formation
Complete ownership of your company
UAE Freezone Company Formation
No trade barriers or any other foreign exchange controls

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